Stamps - Ink Pads

A wide rage of self inking stamps, date stamps, multi colour stamps, embossers.

  • By using Trodat replacement ink cartridges, you can make sure that your stamp constantly delivers clean, uniform imprints.¬†Both the ink cartridge's material and its ink have been perfected during years of research. That's why a Trodat imprint works in polar cold as well as it does in a tropical rain forest.

  • Clean
    New grip zones allow a clean handling and replacement of the cartridge without touching the ink reservoir*.
  • Perfect detail
    Precise ink metering in the tenths of a gram range prevents ink from running out. The dual-component cartridge insert ensures clean, uniform imprints throughout the service life.
  • Harmless
    Inks used in Trodat replacement ink cartridges don't dry out and are completely non-toxic.